Club Info

This is the boring stuff of the club however we want to maintain transparency.

Mission Statement:

The Unofficial Tesla Club mission is to connect Tesla owners in a fun and meaningful way, while promoting sustainability.

Club Roles:

Leads: The leads of the club help direct the club to achieve its mission statement. This includes but not limited to creating events, in charge of club money (more on that below) and voting on issues. Our current leads are: Dax M. - Mark B.- Ryan W.

Social: These members of the club help maintain the club website, the membership group and social accounts. They help promote events in the Toronto area, reach out to them to promote your events. Anthony - Franklin

Members: We aim to include members within the club direction and process. Want to host an event? Just contact us and we can help promote it. We want all members to feel welcomed and get value from being a part of the club and attending events.

Note: All leads and Social people are subject to a yearly vote. The members and club as a whole will vote to decide if any lead roles change every January.

Club Financials:

For our first year, January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020 the club will have no membership fee. This is subject to change next year based on operation costs. The club will need funds to help maintain our website and club insurance. We will operate the club based on donations and sponsors. At the end of the year, the club will retain 3 months of operational costs from the years donations, anything beyond the rest will be spent on a charity that the club chooses on.

We will always be transparent with and where club money is used.

Official Club Status:

At this time we want to run the club unofficially. We want to grow and stick to our mission statement. However we will re-evaluate official club status in the future. If the time comes that we become an official club, we will cross out the "un" in our branding.