The Local Cafe

Teslaholics Anonymous (Brunch @ The Local Cafe and Restaurant)

With a new year brings a chance to put on the second, and definitely not the last, Teslaholics Anonymous brunch (AYCE buffet style).

In an effort to eat with a reduced carbon footprint (see Feast On note below), we've chosen The Local Cafe and Restaurant at Centennial College in Scarborough.

This restaurant is part of Centennial College's Culinary Arts program, and such is a learning environment, so please be patient with the staff.

The restaurant charges $18/adult, $7/child, coffee and tea is included. Tip is not required, but if you do make a tip, it becomes a donation to Centennial College's Culinary Arts program.

Parking is validated for two hours, see here for where to park: here.

This restaurant is Feast On certified ( This means that they source a number of menu items locally in Ontario, supporting both the local economy, but also reducing the carbon footprint by limiting the size of the supply chain.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Half the group. There is also a video here.